UJEP announced a competition to improve the quality of your website Added:9.11. 2014
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UJEP announced a competition to improve the quality of your website

„The University of Jan Evangelista Ústí nad Labem“: http: //www.jobs.cz/vy­soke-skoly/univerzita-jana-evangelisty-purkyne-v-usti-nad-labem/ announced a competition for the best design of a new version of their website pages. The competition is open to university students, as well as specialist public. The deadline for submission of documents is ** Friday, November 28, 2014 at 15:00 pm. ** (In physical or hard copy).

The proposal must comply with the unified visual style schools, is allowed only slight variation. Detailed requirements and criteria of the competition proposal stipulates „the document“: http: //www.ujep.cz/u­serfiles/file/in­formace/moder­nizace-www-ujep__soutez.pdf.

The competition is anonymous and only one round. Results will be announced no later than 14 December 2014. The best design will be awarded a sum of 30,000 crowns ** **, then the other two 5,000 crowns. The author of the winning proposal will subsequently contribute to the implementation of changes to the site UJEP the overall financial performance of 60,000 crowns.

Source: „www.ujep.cz“: http: //www.ujep.cz/u­serfiles/file/in­formace/moder­nizace-www-ujep__soutez.pdf

Author: Černá, Lucie

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