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Conditional acceptance: for whom is it for? Added:28.6. 2011
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Conditional acceptance: for whom is it for?

In connection with the state graduation increasingly inflects the phrase „conditional acceptance“. We hear that the minister wants to negotiate it Dobes and universities do not like. What is it? And it can also relate to you?

What does the Ministry of Education === === … „Conditional acceptance“ is a connection that appeared in relation to GCSE and stands for many fresh (not) graduates would be a great relief. It seems that historically the first state diploma does not make up one fifth of students. Education Minister Josef Dobes, therefore, wants to try to negotiate with universities, acceptance, which would be intended for those who failed in due course graduation exam. Even unsuccessful graduates could participate in admission to college, and if admitted, would be delivered back to school leaving certificate (of course if the appeal succeeded the September dates). Dobes said he wants among other things, the following procedure to give a good second chance to students who have failed eg due to nervousness. This is not new. New however is the time for graduates, doing resits, learn the results. While the verdict have known right away and could no longer deliver in September a high school diploma, now will be able to do at the end of October. That's but most schools run courses, schedules are done and the numbers of students in the courses. Dobes mainly because he wants to accelerate the repair of school-leaving certificates.

Who will fill this auditorium?

… And what do schools

Proposal of the Minister of Education has so far met with representatives of universities with great enthusiasm. Schools argue that the rules of adoption have been given and not good to change them. Some point out that this procedure was even violated the law. The Ministry said but not officially contact the school. The theme thus remains open. They are a process which already exists in some universities and their individual faculties and institutes. Students who go to bachelor's such tests until September due date may be in the spring of conditionally admitted to the MA follow-up studies and then simply „just“ to do the final bachelor's exam. But if a student for any reason „state examination“ will not do, or is postponed, it would have in the next year for the same entrance examination again. Private colleges apparently with conditional acceptance will not have a problem.

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