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I do not want to go to college, what are my options? Added:3.6. 2011
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I do not want to go to college, what are my options?

You may be tired of school routine, but remember, you will work next several decades. Are you ready? However, to stand on its own feet, reduce dependence on parents is a tempting idea. Therefore, here, we have a few observations to start a new life stage.

Jobs === === Secondary student status lose the last day of summer vacation. If by then you will not find the application, you must register for employment services. The state will pay for your social and health insurance. For more info see in this „article“:…bat-nemusite. The economic crisis slowly fading away, but it is not easy to find a place. The zorientování in the labor market to help you „recruitment agency“:…-k-cemu-jsou. Also search for „“: „“: „“: http://www.sprace. com or „“: Or use the menu trainee programs „:…nee-programy for graduates. Practical advice devoted to oral interview can be found in our "special“:…stni-pohovor.

Work Abroad === === Are you adventurous nature? The experienced travel further abroad. Practice the language, learning about different cultures and earn money. Popular professions (especially young women) is an au pair or child care and household foreign host family. Czech site devoted to „“:, a German au pair site „“:, labor supply in England and Ireland „nannyjob“: and international sites „“: „“ http:// Experience Czech au pair from the „Germany“:…co-to-obnasi?… and „Scotland“: http://www.vysokeskoly .cz/clanek/au-pair-zive-ze-skotska-2? page = 11

The Czech Republic is the number of agencies working abroad. Random „“: „“: Another option is to arrange everything themselves. You will need to spend more effort, but on the other hand, can do away with unnecessary fees to agencies. Many useful hints and tips, visit the website EURES:…, or the European Job Mobility Portal. The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and services in the area of ​​recruitment and job search (mediation) to workers, employers and all citizens who would benefit from the principle of free movement of persons. Jobs advertising on search sites, such as Great Britain „“:

Many Czechs are in use in restaurants abroad

=== Language School

If you after finishing high school, leaving at least partly the desire for education, language school is an ideal choice. Furthermore, logical advantages such as improvement in the foreign language and an internationally recognized certificate, a student will remain officially. This means that the state will continue to pay social and health insurance. Studying language school is time consuming, you can find a summer job or work part-time job. Teaching is mainly in the morning (about 20 hours per week). Tuition for one-year rate comes to less than thirty thousand. For more information about language learning, see the articles:

„Trends in post-secondary language learning“:…tudiu-jazyku

„You did not get to college? Start studying languages“:…dovat-jazyky

College === === Another way to avoid high school and still continue to study the „higher professional schools“:…ssi-odbornou?…. College of Education is focused on obtaining practical job skills in the field. An essential part of teaching the professional experience of several months. Three years of study culminating in a graduation. Successful graduates obtain the title of certified specialist non-academic (DiS). The providers are state schools, church or private organizations. The college is required to pay tuition. Public schools are legally required amount of CZK 2,500 to CZK 5,000. Private schools can determine their own tuition fees, annual fees hover around twenty thousand.

Second High School === === Non-standard option is the study of upper secondary school. „Here“:…y-na-stredni read why go back to school middle school.


Author: Hruška, Jan

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