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Looking for a high school diploma through the eyes of teachers Added:17.4. 2009
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Looking for a high school diploma through the eyes of teachers

„From my own graduation, I was very scared,“ said teacher Helen Hložánková (48), „but as I pulled out my first question, it completely fell out of me.“ This year it will be twenty nine years since graduated. Now meet regularly to the opposite side of the table and test their students in the Czech language and literature and German language.

** Regular conscientious preparation for baccalaureate students to take much of their free time. Not for the teachers in an effort to prepare so thoroughly? How much is demanding work with students who are approaching graduation from the course, compared to traditional teaching? **

You're right, preparing for graduation year will take more time. Not only that discusses a new substance, repeats the memorized all the past years, mostly in the form of written tests, which we invent my teacher. Sure, we could use the tests from previous years, but leaving some questions over the years, changing slightly amending the title and subject matter, so it's just a new job every year. Time demands are ultimately maybe a third, a half larger. And I fear that in some extreme cases, the work on preparing for graduation divert more own teacher, a pupil … Moreover, with each class, which is maturing, and experiencing a lot of myself – with the last class during the holy week, I'd lost three kilograms, as I was worried about that we all successfully graduated. So graduation is not only a great event for students.

** Leaving Examination in the Czech language and literature, students begin writing the essay. Would you agree with the proposal to repeal it? According to you, a regular part of the „maturity test“ in the Czech language? **

Written speech is very important to me and has successfully mastered the „trial of adulthood“ should prove that the written speech at a certain level, the students own, so no, I disagreed, writing graduation from the Czech language certainly has its rationale.

** We take into account when marking, it is a technically oriented school, so students are not expected at their stylistic talent? **

Each teacher compares with their own experience, so he has „the eye“, what can expect from students and then gives marks according to their practice. I agree that it is subjective and a stamp from one school may not correspond to the mark, the question would get to another school. Indeed, even the school literary talents, all had very high marks, because evaluating teachers have over the years have drawn more and more stringent requirements. I can afford to be lenient.

** Do you use the graduation reading diary? Do you think it should take into account the student's rea­ding? **

Each student read a list of our present views of literature and drama, which is then definitely ask if it on, it would be a shame not to use their own experiences. When testing is always trying to move in those areas in which the sample feels confident in their shoes, which are likely to be the books they read, which has its own views and may comment on them.

** Lately, however, the trend of the book required reading not read and only look at the abstracts of going to different servers. Can a student convict? **

For testing, it's hard to know because space přečteným so many books and does not give myself many a times I forget the details of the book that I read.

** How much emphasis on the oral literature and how the grammar (linguistics, orthography, etc.)? Who should be tested more severely do you think? **

Increased emphasis on literature, this is due to the fact that the student, which often begins with a student almost always chooses just the part focused on cultural and knowledge of literature. The grammar but not forgotten, but we do not want any students to the theory, but rather the application of language knowledge in practice – going through a workout with them and dismantle the spelling phenomena. We see that the student knows the language properly.

** What you during your experience with GCSE most pleasant surprise? The least pleasant? **

Unpleasantly surprised by irresponsible students. Once one of my student just before graduation told that he could only the first two issues in a way „and so now do something with it.“ None of the subjects and nevylosoval neodmaturoval. Even if students try hard to help with such difficult cases something can be done. On the contrary, always manages to pleasantly surprise the student who never excel, but on graduation he was able to prepare thoroughly and gave a good performance. Such people then I can also predict future success in university studies, which is also mainly to learn about the specific date and time.

** Excluding czech teach the German language. Trying many students from the Czech or German? **

Certainly the German because it is more of a dialogue between me and a student before his monologue.

** How is the evaluation of the student's language performance? What and how much is taken into account? **

It reflects the vocabulary of course, emergencies, pronunciation, grammar, language skills, but definitely nowhere in the paper nerozepisujeme individual mark for the area and do not link them to the weight of what happens to be part of this region to form a mark … the grade is usually more emotional issues. If all the components mentioned in the policy, students are given for a course, if one of them limping, reduced according to the severity of language „misconduct“.

** How much factual knowledge are willing to „forgive“ the student who controls the language perfectly, but the drawn topic called „okecává“ and does not provide any relevant information? (Or just how students approach „just somehow NACE, you evaluate the language, not skills “?)**

Our goal is obviously to help the student best, I would be trying to steer him on the facts and matters ancillary matter to him if caught. But leaving issues of language are not professional enough to threaten that he remembers nothing of the student.

** How often encounter cases where a student chants phrases in a foreign language learned by rote, without being understood? **

Linguistically less gifted students, chose this option, but it shows some effort on the student – it was not possible otherwise, and learned it by heart. So as a teacher and we appreciate that.

** Do you think that would be similar to be czech introduce GCSE and written in a foreign language? **

I do not think it would be necessary. Indeed, we at our school we have something like this – in April, students write a three-hour job in which they can use dictionaries, however, that the evaluation of school-leaving exams counted.

** Do you have any type as fast „talk out of language“ before the student goes to the wristband? **

I'm afraid that sort of thing in all this stress is not the time. But it would certainly be helpful if the student had brought a friend with whom it before it goes to the wristband in a foreign language, conversed a bit, it might then „Cry“ was already relaxed and confident the language and expression. But things like that are about individual and each student pays a different trick.

** Finally, summarizing the question – what you appreciate in the performance of school-leaving exams? **

When students can say they are smart and speak independently.

** Thank you for the interview .**

Hložánková Helen graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University (Czech courses, German and Latin). She graduated in 1980 at the Nursing School from Czech, Russian, psychology and pediatrics. Now he teaches at the Secondary and Technical College in Brno in the Czech language and literature and German language.

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