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Lucie Černá

Redaktorkou serveru se stala na konci roku 2007, když předtím pracovala dva roky jako redaktorka regionálního čtrnáctideníku. Vystudovala Žurnalistiku na FSV UK v Praze, kde také později absolvovala obor Mediální studia. Dosud publikovala nebo stále ještě publikuje na portálu či a spolupracuje rovněž s e-zinem nebo Baví ji kultura, sport, fotografování, cestování a vše kolem gastronomie.

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Competition for students of Industrial Design Added:12.2. 2009 1:48

Competition for students of Industrial Design

Electrolux invites all students and graduate industrial design to participate in a worldwide design competition, Electrolux Design Lab ** 2009 **. This year's theme is based on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the company ** Design for the next 90 years **. Participants will have to „create a smart home appliances, which will be for the next nine decades to shape human activities such as…

International Competition for all young people Added:10.2. 2009 9:09

International Competition for all young people

The World Bank and its partners organized for all young people (students and nestudenty) Essay Competition on the theme of ** How you affect climate and how proposed solutions affect young people, climate change? ** The essay should be answered the following questions: * How climate change affects you, your country, city or local community? How do you think will affect you in the future? Consider…

I want to college. But how do you choose? Added:10.2. 2009 7:20
Updated:14.12. 2012 9:01

I want to college. But how do you choose?

No life decisions usually not one of the lightest. And this is true even when choosing the right college. „I wish there was a universal formula that would solve this dilemma for me!“ They say now about many of you. Unfortunately, such a formula we do not know us, but at least we bring you a few tips that might your decision a little easier.

COMPARISON OF COURSES: Archival Added:28.1. 2009 7:43


Archival, though it may at first glance may seem, in fact, is one of the most important disciplines that human society has developed. If he is not discovered a way to preserve, organize and reproduce our cultural heritage and official documents, we would probably live in a disoriented world … (Article was first updated 12th 2009)

Competition for the logo Faculty of Social Sciences Added:27.1. 2009 7:22

Competition for the logo Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague, announces tender for the logo of the Faculty. ** Requirements for the logo design ** Logo must be simple and memorable good, usable in different versions (color and black and white) and sizes (especially in reduced form) and capable of reproduction, the logo can be in addition to the substrate up to two colors, either can contain…

DAF 9 to 2 annual art competition for students Added:20.1. 2009 4:40

DAF 9 to 2 annual art competition for students

9th January started the online registration until 2 annual international competition called Design Against Fur ** ** (Design against fur – DAF). Its aim is to actively involve young people in issues dealing with the protection of animals. The competition is organized by axes Freedom of animals and is „intended primarily but not exclusively, for students of different artistic disciplines and…

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