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Lucie Černá

Redaktorkou serveru se stala na konci roku 2007, když předtím pracovala dva roky jako redaktorka regionálního čtrnáctideníku. Vystudovala Žurnalistiku na FSV UK v Praze, kde také později absolvovala obor Mediální studia. Dosud publikovala nebo stále ještě publikuje na portálu či a spolupracuje rovněž s e-zinem nebo Baví ji kultura, sport, fotografování, cestování a vše kolem gastronomie.

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How to soft skills? Learn outside the classroom! Added:26.3. 2013 7:43

How to soft skills? Learn outside the classroom!

Although in connection with the prospects of passing the exams at GCSE or high most inflect preparatory courses, not a single species-school education, which can help future graduates with their graduation in these areas succeed. Throughout the year can also participate in many other activities.

Foreign students and Visa matters Added:13.1. 2013 11:57

Foreign students and Visa matters

Since the Czech Republic is a member of European Union, there is a less administrative needed for students coming from any other EU or EEA country and staying here for the purpose of studies. For the others, there are some rules and additional obligations. But all can be managed easily – it is just necessary to know where to find right information.

Czech Educational System Added:8.1. 2013 2:30

Czech Educational System

The system of czech education consists of four basic degrees: preschools, elementary, high schools, resp. grammar schools, colleges and training colleges, and universities. This structure follows the standards of International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) approved in 1997 by UNESCO. Public education is free of charge.

Recognition of Education Added:8.1. 2013 10:50

Recognition of Education

Czech higher education institutions are involved in complex system of international cooperation in the area of higher education, which is based on many international or interuniversity agreements. Their aim is above all supporting the student mobility and facilitation of the study conditions for foreign nationalities coming to the Czech Republic.

Working during studies Added:8.1. 2013 10:38

Working during studies

Though the students coming to the Czech Republic in purpose of studies can obtain some of the scholarships offered it is usually not possible to live solely from this budget. It is always better either to come with considerable savings or to work while studying.

Study in the Czech Republic – how to get started and what to know Added:8.1. 2013 10:04

Study in the Czech Republic – how to get started and what to know

Czech public and private higher education institutions are opened to all applicants, not only to the Czech people, and thanks to that there is a high percentage of the students coming from foreign countries. If you also think about studying in the Czech Republic, there are some things good to know before coming – e.g. about the organization of the study or possible fees connected.

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